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Chiropractic Testimonies

Chiro and PEMF

My name is Alice and I feel compelled to share how Dr. Donna has helped me over the past year. I pray that this unsolicited testimony may help others. Prior to making an appointment with Klucharich Whole Body Healing, I had suffered with lower back pain that radiated down my right leg for a couple of years. This limited my mobility, and I could feel my whole outgoing personality disappearing. I tried several different prescribed medications, spent weeks in physical therapy, but got very little relief. After hearing many positive comments about the Spine Center in Charleston, I made an appointment. The doctor at the center recommended injections, but we saw little or no improvement. I was told that surgery should never be an option since my spine had signs of multiple problems in multiple places.
After much prayer and research, God led me to Dr. Donna. Before I started here over a year ago, I would spend most of my days in the recliner with a heating pad. The amount of time that could stand or walk was very limited. I kept a stool in my kitchen, so I could do a few things like slice a tomato or make a sandwich.Even though I love to cook, I had almost completely given up on that.
When I met with Dr. Donna for a consultation, her diagnosis was very similar to what I had been told by previous doctors. She was very straightforward with me, which I appreciated very much. The picture she painted for me was not a very pretty one, but gave me some hope. If I was willing to do my part, she felt that she could help; but it was going to be a slow process.
On July 13, 2022 I had my first chiropractic adjustment and PEMF (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field) session. I started off by going several times a week, then twice a week and eventually weekly. During this time period, I was introduced to, and took advantage of, Homeopathic Natural Medicine as well. I have always been a skeptic at heart, but my willingness to give all this a try has made both a believer out of me and my family.
It was probably after several months that I finally noticed small improvements. The first thing that was apparent to my husband and me was during a short grocery trip when I did not have to return to the car before we finished. I could walk around in my yard for short periods of time without having to find something to sit on after every few steps. Then I found myself walking across to a neighbor's house with very little pain. Slowly, i began attending my granddaughter's school events as well as extracurricular activities such as concerts, recitals, etc. As recently as a couple weeks ago, I took a short shopping trip with a friend an stood for almost an hour with no pain.
It is the little things that I used to take for granted that I now realize mean so much. I know this is a complete lifestyle change that is ongoing an requires a lot of effort on my part. I truly believe if we had not met, I would probably be in a wheelchair or using a walker today; still in pain.
The old saying, "no pain, no gain" rings very true for me personally. Klucharich Whole Body Healing continues to make a major difference in my daily life. II would also like to say what a fine team Dr. Donna has working with her. It was obvious from day one that her staff love what they do and genuinely care about each patient. The efficiency in that office is like non I have ever seen before.
I am so grateful to God for Dr. Donna's knowledge and her dedication as she continues to help me as well as others. ma God continue to bless her and her calling.

Type 2 Diabetes, dizziness, headaches

I started coming to Dr. Donna's office when my medical doctor had run out of tests & ideas of what could be wrong with me. I felt there was no hope. I felt like maybe I was crazy & I was not as sick as I thought I was. Every visit to the doctor would leave me with another handful of prescriptions & no reason why I had to take them. The doctor was not helping me at all!! He was just hoping that with a prescription he would hit on something. He did find that I had Type 2 Diabetes, but it had nothing to do with the symptoms I had: shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches 24 hours a day, chest pain & a lot of anxiety.

By the time I reached Dr. Donna's office, I was desperate & looking for anyone that could help.I was not that educated about chiropractic care & I was really shocked about the things that could be causing all the symptoms I was having. I remember talking to her & fighting the tears back at the thought of her being able to help. She gave me hope that I could get past this and get well again! Needless to say, I am hooked. She made a plan & jumped in head first on getting me better. I have been seeing her for about 10 months now on a weekly basis. I have since been back to my medical doctor & he is amazed at the progress I have made with her care. I am no longer diabetic & I take no medication AT ALL! I don't have to. I am so much better. I feel like I might live again.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Donna's office to the present time, I have always felt welcomed & at home. She has the best staff. Lou & staff will work with you any way they can. Trust me, with Dr. Donna & her staff by your side, you can be well again also. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to get well. She is a very caring person & will help any way she can. Life is so much better with Dr. Donna & staff on your team! ~ Cindy P


I have been having a constant headache for years! Medical doctors had told me it was in my mind. A friend told me and my sister about someone he knew who went to the chiropractor for everything - colds, headaches, everything! My sister came to Dr. Donna first & told me how wonderful Dr. Donna was. I made an appointment; I had never been to a chiropractor before and didn't know what to expect. Dr. Donna and staff are great! They are very friendly and helpful. After 7 visits I now have NO HEADACHES! I will come to her for everything and tell everyone how good she & her staff are. If you hurt, go see Dr. Donna! ~ Patricia G.

Ten Years Of Pain

I first became acquainted with Dr. Donna when my daughter came to her for help with chronic pain that she had suffered for over 10 years. When I hurt my back on Labor Day, I was subsequently hospitalized, and underwent one unrelated test after another. My daughter begged me "Mom, a year ago I couldn't even walk. Why don't you go see Dr Donna?" I made the call. Wow, what a diference she has made! From my first visit I saw an immediate difference. Not only did she really L-I-S-T-E-N, but with thoughtful questions, she helped me identify problems that I have really lived with for years that related to my current problem. Everybody has been so kind, thoughtful, and unfailingly cheerful. I actually enjoy my visits! My pain has decreased by 80%. I'm not feeling so depressed because I can really see results and know that I will be able to resume my normal activity level very soon. What a wonderful thing to be able to sit, stand, walk, and even sleep through the night without pain. Wow! My husband and I both have told everyone we know bout Dr. Donna and Mr. Lou! ~ Linda R.

SKEPTIC about Chiropractic - Low Back Pain

I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain for about a year and a half. To be honest, I was skeptical of chiropractic therapy, but the "regular" medical community did not give me much help...the constant pain & discomfort had started affecting my ability to function normally I have been treated with kindness and respect...everyone has been friendly & willing to communicate with me. I have improved dramatically! Although I still exercise caution, I have returned to such activities as gardening with my tiller. There is some tenderness & stiffness on occasion, but there is such overall improvement approaching feeling "normal" at times. Yes, emphatically...the treatments have erased my skepticism. I had experienced strong pain for so long that I prayed for relief...I feel blessed that I have found it! ~ Tom H.

Trouble Standing and Walking

I came in because I was having trouble standing & walking. I have always been treated like "family" when I go to visit Dr. Donna. Everyone is friendly & helpful. In the past few months I am walking better and without a walker. I would recommend Dr. Donna to anyone that is in pain. She can work it out for you! ~ Robert C.

Hip Pain and Bursitis

I came to Klucharich Chiropractic Healing as a last resort. I was suffering from hip bursitis for months. I was a patient at an orthopedic practice, where I received several injections over time, none of which relieved pain for any length of time. These visits were time consuming; having to wait to see the doctor for as long as 3 hours! There were times the doctor just didn't have time to do an injection, & I would have to make another appointment & live in pain for up to 3 weeks!

Lou was courteous, helpful, informative & scheduled an appointment quickly, on the day I called. I was truly amazed that after the 1st treatment I was able to stand & walk! The intense pain was gone, & after just a short time, I have just a slight ache. Hopefully, after a few more treatments and adjustments, this too, will go away. I never hesitate to relate my experience with Dr. Donna & Lou; I'm happy that I made progress & have been relieved of the pain. I have gained a quality of life that had been long gone for months. I was informed of a treatment schedule, and costs were outlined. The friendliness & concern for my well-being, are the reasons I will continus as a patient! ~ Andrea K.

Back Spasms

I came into this office almost a year ago, and I have been almost every week since. Dr. Donna, Lou & staff have all been great! They treat me very well and act very professional. I have noticed a lot of changes since I started coming. When I first came I had back spasms that would drop me to my knees without notice. Now I don't have spasms or pain at all. I would and have recommended Dr. Donna. I appreciate all that they do for their patients! ~ Henry L.


I had muscle spasms, cramps, soreness, pain, swelling & arthritis covering my hip. My doctor sent me to an orthopedic who said I needed a hip replacement. I chose to come see Dr. Donna. Everyone is very professional and always caring about your needs. Dr. Donna is always concerned about how the treatment is working for you. I have made tremendous progress since coming to see Dr. Donna. The muscle spasms, cramps, soreness, swelling & pain have gone away. I can walk and do things I couldn't do before! One thing I like about Dr. Donna is that she talks about divine healing! I would recommend anyone to go & see her! I know you will get results; I did and it didn't take long to receive it! ~ Ruth P.


I came to Dr. Donna Klucharich after a discussion with my brother who had been a patient of her's for the last 3 years. I had a massive medical record, no relief in pain, and had spent a lot of money before seeing her. During our 1st appointment, Dr. Donna presented me with an "Active Life Plan" proposal which outlined my individual path to total wellness. The x-rays taken of my spine during my initial visit were reviewed in detail, a review of the Central Nervous System, and all the other areas of focus were communicated. Dr. Donna patiently answered all my questions and discussed the planned treatments & projected journey needed to return to a state of total wellness. The results would be directly impacted by my dedication & acceptance of responsibility! The individual "type of treatments" were also reviewed which involved treatments to my hands/ wrists and spine. Dr. Donna's approach is to encompass the entire person, not just focused on the lack of physical pain in a specific area. Her goal is to initiate & maintain a physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. After 10 adjustments I am experiencing improvements. It is amazing to me that after all of the pain & suffering endured during the past 12 years, my response to the adjustments & treatments are already a success. I have been able to reduce pain medication intake & I am beginning to feel alive again.No one can truly understand how this new development has impacted my life unless they have actually experienced a similar situation.

Dr. Donna is a special person indeed, with sincere concern for her patients. Although I must add, she is not shy & will politely "encourage" each patient to follow her instruction of healing AND take responsibility. It is more than obvious that God is using her as an instrument of healing; Dr. Donna will tell you that God is guiding & working through her to relieve the pain & heal her patients. I would also like to add that the office atmosphere is more like a family atmophere that greatly contributes to the healing process! ~ K. H.


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  • "Went to Dr. Donna with lower abdominal pain walked out with little to no pain.such an amazing doctor."
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