Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine.

At Klucharich Chiropractic Healing we offer over 250 different types of Natural medicines. All of these are prescription strength, highly effective and best off all offer NO side effects and NO contraindications with any others medicines or conditions.

Natural Medicine - Did You Know ?

  • The basic difference between conventional medical therapy and Natural medicine. In conventional therapy, the aim often is to control the illness through regular use of medical substances. If the medication is withdrawn, however, the person returns to illness. There has been no cure. A person who takes a pill for high blood pressure every day is not undergoing a cure but is only controlling the symptoms. Natural medicine's aim is the cure:
  • Our Natural medicine have become the FIRST TO BE REGISTED by the FDA as a pharmaceutical product
  • Throughout 200 years of clinical use there has NEVER been a recorded side effect.
  • Our Natural medicine is PURE WATER based and have no taste or smell.
  • Our Natural medicine ARE PRESCIPTION STRENGTH and contain an average of 15 ingredients, each made in equal volumes of 7 different potencies, equaling 105 individually made ingredients in a single product.
  • Natural medicine is the 2nd largest prescribed medicine in the world. The USA pharmaceuticals are 4th in the world.
  • Our Natural medicine WORKS QUICKLY, typically within seconds or minutes.
  • Our Natural medicine is AFFORDABLE, nearly all of our products are under $30.00
  • WE have over 60 different product listings in house and have access to over 250 more within just 3 days.

The following list is "only some" of the products we offer.

Some Examples of ALLERGY Formula’s

Asthma Symptom Relief

  • For relief of minor shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness in the chest, mucuscongestion, bronchial irritation, and pain due to cough. Helps activate normal breathing.

Grain & Gluten Allergy Relief

  • For relief of abdominal cramps, diarrhea or constipation, headache, skin irritations, nausea, indigestion, congestion, and sinusitis from grains and gluten.

Regional Allergies Southern U.S.

  • For relief of allergy symptoms including itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, sorethroat, sinus, congestion, cough, stuffy nose, fatigue, itchy, irritated skin, hoarseness, and headache. For allergens found in AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, TN, KY, WV, VA, NC, SC, MD, DE, District of Columbia (DC)

Some Examples of CHILDREN Formula’s

  • Attention & Learning Enhancement
  • Children’s Cough Relief
  • Children’s Earache Relief
  • Children’s Fever Reliever
  • Colic Relief
  • Tummy Aches…..and many more.

Some Examples of CIRCULATION Formula’s

Artery, Cholesterol & BP

  • Formulated to help tone the muscles of the heart and blood vessels. May help to regulate blood pressure and circulation.

Heart Regularity

  • Formulated to help the body regulate nerve impulses to the heart. May be helpful with lifelong arrhythmias.

Some Examples of CLEANSING & DETOX Formula’s

Blood & Kidney Detox

  • Assists the blood and kidneys with their normal processes of detoxification and drainage.

Liver Detox

  • To assist the liver with the normal processes of detoxification and drainage.

Total Body Detox

  • For relief of fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, indigestion, mental fogginess, insomnia, urinary tract dysfunctions. Also improves liver, lymph, kidney, digestive and colon functions.

Some Examples of DIGESTION Formula’s

Constipation Relief

  • For relief of occasional constipation and irregularity; enhances natural urge and peristaltic action. Suitable for children and adults. Can help the most difficult cases and well as the occasional constipation from traveling. This is not an irritant that causes loose stools, but actually helps to correct colon function.

Diarrhea Relief

  • For relief of symptoms of diarrhea including loose stool, cramps, gas, bloating and general discomforts, mucus-like stools, diarrhea from certain foods or emotional excitement.

Gallbladder Formula

  • For relief of bloating, gas and abdominal discomforts following eating; assists natural gallbladder function. Consider preventive use with family history of gallbladder problems. Consider even if gallbladder has been taken out to correct the underlying cause.

Heartburn Reliever

  • For temporary relief of acid reflux, burning pain, sour stomach, belching, indigestion, nausea, stomach spasms, and stomach distention. Has been helpful for children with colic and frequent spitting up.

Indigestion Relief

  • For relief of gas, bloating, indigestion following food or drink consumption, sleepiness after eating, hiccoughs. Can improve digestive function associated with a broad spectrum of conditions.

Lower GI Relief

  • For relief of symptoms of lower gastrointestinal distress, including constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, gastrointestinal inflammation, hemorrhoids, and flatulence.

Upper GI Relief

  • Relieves symptoms of upper gastrointestinal distress, including heartburn, gas, bloating, belching, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, slow digestions, excessive appetite, and sensitive stomach.

Some Examples of IMMUNE Formula’s

Colds & Flu Relief

  • For relief of fever, chills, achiness, nausea, fatigue, headaches, congestion, coughs, and sneezing. May be helpful in preventing cold & flu symptoms when taken at the beginning stages.

Cough Relief

  • For relief of cough symptoms from the common cold or inhaled irritants: dry, barking, spasmodic, croupy, hoarse, brassy, excess mucus, tickling, teasing, or hacking coughs. Helps to control the intensity of coughing.

Lungs & Bronchial Relief

  • For relief of symptoms due to difficult breathing, including lung and bronchial congestion, wheezing, hoarseness, coughing attacks, burning in chest, bronchial mucus, mucus congestion, and dry cough.

Sinus Relief

  • For relief of symptoms due to inflamed sinuses, hay fever or upper respiratory allergies,including runny nose, sinus congestion, sinus pain, sinus pressure, sinus headache, mucus drainage, dry mucous membranes,stuffy nose, sneezing, and itchy, burning eyes.

Sore Throat & Laryngitis

  • For relief of symptoms of sore, dry, burning, tickling, hoarse throat and rough voice from overuse, laryngitis, loss of voice, clergyman’s sore throat. Ideal for singers and speakers to maintain good vocal tone.

Some Examples of MEN / WOMEN Formula’s

  • Birth Ease
  • Breast Inflammations & Discomforts
  • Female Discomforts
  • FertiPlex
  • HGH Triple Potency Anti-Aging
  • Menopause Relief
  • Menstrual Cramps & Irregularities
  • Morning Sickness Relief
  • PMS Relief
  • Prostate Symptom Relief

Some Examples of MIND & BODY Formula’s

Stress Control

  • For relief of the following symptoms due to mental, emotional or physical stress: tension, nervousness, exhaustion, restlessness, apathy, irritability, over-sensitivity, soreness, melancholy, fearfulness, body pains, or sleeplessness.

Intense Anxiety

  • For relief of minor mood swings, fear, minor anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, stage fright, upset and tightness in stomach. Helps to relieve over-sensitivity to light, sound, touch, confusion, excitement, overwork, and worry. Helps quiet the nervous system.

Fatigue Mind and Body

  • For relief of nervous system burn out. Overworked, lack of sleep, high stress and adrenal burn out.

Good Mood Enhancer

  • Assists in controlling mood swings, melancholy, despondency, despair, sadness, hypersensitivity, and introspection. For easily offended feelings of self-condemnation, worthlessness, and hopelessness.

Smoke Control

  • For temporary relief of cravings for tobacco smoke and chew. Helpful for symptoms including headache, shortness of breath, cough, nervousness, tightness in chest, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, craving for stimulants, nausea, toxic effects of ingested substances, anxiety, and poor concentration.

Some Examples of Pain Formula’s

Advanced Arnica

  • Indications for use: For temporary relief of symptoms due to injury or overexertion, bruises, muscle pain, inflammation, body aches, sprains, traumatic injury, redness and swelling, soreness after exercise and rheumatic pain.

Arthritis Pain & Joint Relief

  • For relief of symptoms due to arthritic pain, including inflammation, back pain, stiff and swollen joints, leg cramps, rheumatic pain, sore tendons and ligaments, sprains and joint injuries, bone injury, contracted fingers, hip and joint pain, knee pain, aching limbs, sciatic pain, and restless limbs.

Earache Relief

  • For relief of ear pain, inflammation, fever, discharge, congestion, sensitivity to noise, throbbing, ringing, buzzing, and humming associated with earaches.

Leg Cramp & Spasm Relief

  • For relief of general cramps in the legs, calves, feet or hands; including involuntary cramps that occur at rest or at night, and from overexertion as with athletes.

Migraine Relief

  • For relief of migraine, sick, throbbing, or occipital headaches, heavy head, band feeling around head, morning headaches, sun headaches, over half the head.

Sciatic Nerve Formula

  • For relief of symptoms of shooting pains, numbness, burning, tightness, spasms and muscle weakness of the leg associated with sciatica, phantom pains. May be helpful for nerve irritations in the face, head, or arm.

Some Examples of SKIN Formula’s

Anti-Aging & Wrinkles

  • May aid with premature aging, wrinkles, hair growth & color restoration. Helps to increasevitality, improve sleep, stabilize emotions, improve bone density, increase sexual potency, increase mental alertness, control appetite, and strengthen all internal organs and tissues.

Cold Sores & Herpes

  • For relief of cold sores and fever blisters. Relieves stinging, tingling, itching, and swelling of minor skin eruptions of the face or genitals associated with herpes simplex virus.

Poison Ivy & Oak Relief

  • For relief of minor swelling, discomfort, irritation, rash and itching due to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, detergents, cosmetics and other irritants. Urticaria. Helps prevent symptoms from occurring.

Skin Irritations & Itch Relief

  • For relief of skin irritations: irritated, red, burning, dry, rough, scaly, chapped, cracked skin, rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, unhealthy, lusterless looking skin.

Some Examples of SLEEP Formula’s

Sleep Aid

  • For relief of symptoms due to occasional sleeplessness, including restlessness, Nervousness, exhaustion, excitability, inability to fall or stay asleep, and worry.

Snore Control

  • For relief of excessive snoring.

Common Questions about Natural Medicine

How does Natural Medicine Work?

Natural medicine works very differently than nutrition, herbs, and drugs that function on a biochemical level to change body chemistry. Natural medicine works on a bioenergetic level to bring balance to our higher communication networks.

All the functions of our bodies are controlled and coordinated through energetic communication networks, such as our nervous system. Nerve interference of any type can cause an endless array of maladies in our bodies. Natural medicine works by correcting and tuning our bioenergetic control system to activate the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Two of the most effective ways to correct nerve interference are homeopathy and chiropractic. Natural medicine empowers the chiropractor to correct nerve interferences throughout the entire body beyond what chiropractic adjustment alone can accomplish. By using homeopathy, the chiropractor is equipped to help correct many unresolved health problems plaguing our society.

How safe is Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine formulas are non-habit forming, free of side effects, and have no known negative drug interactions. Natural medicine formulas, based on 200 years of use, do not inflict injury or harm in any form. Natural medicine formulas are compatible and complementary with nutrition, herbs, and other medicines. They are the safest preparations known to medical science.

How soon do I Expect Results?

In acute illnesses, the appropriate formula can act within minutes. It is common to see a child screaming in pain with an earache drop off to sleep within one or two minutes after taking a dose of the appropriate formula. Though remarkable improvements often take place, do not be discouraged if these instant improvements do not occur in chronic or long-term conditions. As your vitality is strengthened, there may even be a temporary worsening before improvement. Chronic conditions commonly require multiple remedies over time to correct the various underlying causes behind long-standing health problems.

How do I take Natural Medicines?

For Internal use, Natural medicine remedies are traditionally taken orally. The frequency of dosages will vary according to the acuteness of the condition. For example: Optimal dosageswill change as your healing progresses. In addition to internal/oral use, homeopathic formulas can be applied externally by simply spraying on affected areas 4 to 8 times daily, for an additional therapeutic effect. I recommend using a multiple delivery system that enables the patient to use the formulas orally and topically, as well as nebulize for optimal results. A pure water-based metered spray allows the diversity of all these delivery methods in one product. For example, a stress product can be taken orally for internal effects or topically by simply spraying over the affected area. Spraying in the air and breathing it in creates a response in the olfactory areas of the brain. Each of these delivery approaches can offer a therapeutic effect the others may not, creating optimal results.

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How does homeopathy differ from conventional medicine?

In conventional medical thought, health is seen simply as the absence of disease. You assume that you are healthy if there is nothing wrong with you.

How does the concept of homeopathy differ from that of conventional medicine? Very simply, homeopathy attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. Let's look at an example: the common cough.

First, we must accept that all symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable they are, represent the body's attempt to restore itself to health. Instead of looking upon the symptoms as something wrong which must be set right, we see them as signs of the way the body is attempting to help itself. Instead of trying to stop the cough with suppressants, as conventional medicine does, a homeopath will give a remedy that will cause a cough in a healthy person, and thus stimulate the ill body to restore itself.

Second, we must look at the totality of the symptoms presented. We each experience a cough in our unique way. Yet conventional medicine acts as if all coughs were alike. It therefore offers a series of suppressive drugs something to suppress the cough, something to dry the mucus, something to lower the histamine level, something to ease falling asleep.

Natural medicine, on the other hand, looks for the one substance that will cause similar symptoms in a healthy person. The person with a cough characterized by being worse when breathing cold air, and sounding like a deep bark, will need a quite different remedy than the person whose cough is loose in the morning, dry in the evening, and better when sitting up in bed. We characterize both as "coughs" but they are different illnesses in the individuals, and therefore require different homeopathic treatment.

 To a person versed in homeopathy, health is much more than that. A healthy person is a person who is free on all levels: physical, emotional, and mental. Obviously, a person with a broken leg is not free, on the physical level, to move around. But on a more subtle level, a person who cannot eat certain foods or is allergic to certain materials is also experiencing a lack of freedom. It is a good emotional release to cry at a "tear jerker" movie, but someone who continues to cry for several weeks afterwards is experiencing a lack of freedom on the emotional level. Likewise, a person who cannot absorb what he has read or cannot remember day to day appointments is experiencing a restriction on the mental level. The homeopath recognizes such limitations and attempts, through the use of the properly selected remedies, to restore the person to health and freedom.

An important basic difference exists between conventional medical therapy and homeopathy. In conventional therapy, the aim often is to control the illness through regular use of medical substances, even if the medication is nothing more than vitamins. If the medication is withdrawn, however, the person returns to illness. There has been no cure. A person who takes a pill for high blood pressure every day is not undergoing a cure but is only controlling the symptoms. Natural medicine's aim is the cure: "The complete restoration of perfect health," as Dr. Samuel Hahneman said.

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